Monday, 9 May 2011

Abbottabad, Pakistan

Hi folks, Sorry to bring you back on the topic of my Pakistan days. Since in my last article I had mentioned briefly about Abbottabad, where Osama was recently eliminated by Obama's troops,I thought I will share some interesting but historical  information about this beautiful cantonment with you.
As I had mentioned, this cantonment was established by a British Artillery officer named James Abbott, some time in 1849-50 when he was appointed the first deputy Commissioner of Hazara District. This Gunner officer also had the distinction of raising an old Mountain Battery there in 1851 known as the 4th Hazara Mountain Battery Frontier Force.The Battery (Bty) was trained by him in order to help defend the Hazara district of North West Frontier (NWF).
Like the three other frontier Force batys (to be discussed later), the 4th Hazara soon saw actions in numerous small campaign on the North West Frontier. In 1878, with the help of this Bty, the British Army  led by Sir Sam Browne, was able to take the great Khyber Fort of Ali Musjid and later Kabul.The Bty remained at Kabul as part of the garrison and helped British Officer Roberts take over Kandhar.
From 1885-87, the Bty took part in Burma. In 1895, it was back fighting on Frontier as part of the Chitral Relief Force.
During the Great War, the 4th Hazara left India in 1917 for East Africa where it remained until Armistice. Between the wars, the Bty also took part in the third Afghan war of 1919, the Red Shirt and Afridi Disterbances of 1930-31, the mohmand campaign of 1933 and operations against the Fakir of Ipi in Waziristan in the late 1930s.
After India's independence in 1947, the Bty formed the part of the 22 Mountain Regiment and later as nuclues of another newly raised Artillery Regiment.

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