Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mountain batteries, Artillery, India & Pakistan

Well, as I mentioned in my previous blog about the 4th Hazara Mountain batteries Frontier Force raised at Abbottabad by Major James Abbott, I must briefly  mention the names of other four Frontier Force Batteries.
After all, as a Gunner, I should take some liberty and vent out the old nostalgic memories of the Artillery days.
So folks, the other Batteries were_
(a) 1st Kohat Mountain Bty (FF) - After partition, the Battery went to Pakistan.
(b) 2nd Derajat Mountain Bty (FF)- (My first Unit), Continue to be with Indian Army.
(c) 3rd Peshawar Mountain Bty(FF)- With Pakistan Army.
(d) 5th Bombay Mountain Bty (FF) -With Indian Army and the became the nucleus of a newly raised Field Regiment in 1963.
(4th Hazara too is a Field Bty and part of a newly raised Regiment)
(All these FF Batteries, raised in 18th century) have fascinating history and battle records.

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