Sunday, 24 April 2011

Devlali revisited

In December 2010, I visited the Artillery Centre, Devlali after a period of  47 years to attend the Re-Union of my elite Regiment, (popularly called the Victoria Regiment). This Regiment, being the oldest Artillery unit of the Indian Army, was initially a pack unit. This means that the guns were carried on mules while the officers rode on horses.

The picture below depicts how the pack units used to move in operational areas. If one sees the picture minutely, you will find detachments of 4 guns, led by Gun Number One - or the lead gun - of the unit. Serving as a mountain gunner not only required a very high standard of physical fitness but also meant being a very good horse rider.

Hallo and Welcome

This blog will document my memories of the different parts of India and the globe where my service to the country took me. During over four decades of service to the nation, I traveled within India and across the globe, often to places that have been seen by very few people.  This blog will carry photographs, anecdotes and memories that have stayed with me during this long course.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and memories. For the moment, let me share one of my first memories of Air Observation Post at Devlali Artillery Centre all the way back in 1963:

This photograph was taken during my training as an artillery officer.