Saturday, 21 January 2012

election promises...

Election in Indian states:

Five states in India are heading for an election and one finds almost all the political parties promising nothing less than a moon to the public. Some are promising laptop to students,.Cycle to school going girls. Some claiming to bring fountain of development all over the concerned state etc. etc.
The icing on the cake is the Congress, the oldest political party in the country. Their one leader, who is holding the post of Law Minister, has gone on to announce 9% reservation for the Muslims in the country in jobs etc.
One expect a law minister to know the  country's constitution better. From where he will get that 9% quota?
So please stop showing red apple.
The fact of the matter is that the congress has lost all its credibility when it manipulated to ensure that no law against corruption in the country was introduced. The Jan Lokpal  (Ombudsman) Bill was intentionally shelved to ensure that people who have amassed  black money & looted country's wealth, should not be caught and punished.
 Talking about the quota for Muslims, can the Congress explain what they did for their betterment in the last 60 years? Besides, what have the leaders of the community done so far to ensure Muslim boys and girls get better education and job like others instead of forcing them to attend Madrasas? So please stop this gimmick and 7 don't fool the community any more. Gandhi ji was right when he had suggested disbandment of Congress party immediately  after independence of India.   

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