Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Becoming MUFFT

This is one more hilarious episode of the army days which I must share with you..(But to really understand the comic situation, some knowledge of Hindi or Urdu language is necessary.)
The year was 1966 and our Mountain Battery was deployed at a forward location. There was also an Infantry Battalion ( I think it was 7th Komaon Bn) deployed  close by.We often used to visit each others units and officers mess for some  "gup-shup".
On 15th August 1966, on the eve of the  Independence Day of India, we carried out the flag hoisting at our Battery location and as decided earlier proceeded to the Infantry Battalion for further celebration & lunch .
While approaching the battalion, we noticed that after the flag hoisting  the  Commanding Officer of the Battalion was addressing the troops. We heard him telling the men that "on this day our country  got independence and we all became free". Since his speech was  in Hindi, and he could not find appropriate word for "free"in Hindi, he announced loudly that "Aaj ke din hamara desh azaad ho gaya aur hum sab mufft ho gaye"
 We all laughed including the troops, because "mufft" in Hindi/Urdu means free of cost.
Considering today's scenario, I think he was not  much off the mark  The army today is MUFFT as besides its main task of protecting the borders, it is called to  perform all kinds of other duties too. Be it constructing  bridge at Common Wealth Games, saving kids from bore holes or taking care of internal security including law & order problems.

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