Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Olympics is over. Our contingent is back. People are disappointed since we could get only 2 medals and that too by girls who were under dogs in their events. All kinds of comments have started appearing in media. Many say that India is not a sports Nation. Some say why waste money when our team can not get medals.

Are we really a non sporting country ? If this was so, how so many of our sports men and women could achieve world class standard and qualify  to participate in Olympics? In fact, this year's team has shown great potential and there  have been wast improvement in their performance. If we were a non sporting nation, we could not have been the champion in hockey since 1940s. Also if we analyse the performance of our team, we find that many missed the medal by few critical points only. In some cases it was just touch & go scenario.

Having said that about our team, what was really lacking was the official machinery responsible to look after them.And the most disgusting part have been their repeated poor performance since decades.

What is the remedy? Simple ; present IOA & sports authorities need to under go major surgery. Still better disband them and let Government deal with it directly. A long term systematic planning should be worked out so that young boys and girls are picked up from schools, scientifically examined and trained for a particular sports for which found suitable. The Ex- sports persons of national & international standings to be inducted in managing the affair. It should also be ensured that those individuals who achieve certain standard, say up to State or National level in any game/sports,be provided respectable jobs

The old saying that:-
"Kheloge, koodoge hoge kharaab, padhoge likhkhoge hoge nawab"

has to be gotten rid of  from parents mind. In this respect Khel India Khel started by the Government is a good beginning. If attitude is correct, the future is bright & and also coming of medals

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