Saturday, 9 August 2014

Nepal visit by NAMO

Please see my blog on Nepal dated 7 Aug.2014. Here are few pictures taken during our visit to Kathmandu & Pokhara.
The above photo is of SHIV LING in Darbar Squire, Kathmandu.

An other Temple in Darbar Squire.. Its made of all wood.
A portion of Swayambhu Nath TempleAdd caption
Most of the temples and houses in Nepal  have extensive wooden carvigs. This is a door made of wood with very intricate designs. Below is upper portion of main gate of a temple
AThe sun rise in Pokhara is worth seeing. The peaks ( Annapurna-III & Machchipychi turns golden with sun rays falling on them.dd caption

Momos ( both veg/not veg) is a popular food item here. Cheap, testey & readily available every where.
Add caption

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