Thursday, 15 May 2014

Showing Red apple to people by Congress

Election for the 16th LS is over & results will be announced tomorrow ie 16th May 2014.

What so ever may be the out come of this election. But it is clear that congress led government had been so far successful in fooling poor people of India. Two  points which clearly emerge  in this respect are crystal clear -

(a) Announcing projects for welfare of poor people but not really following them in real sense has been the trick number one. Take the case of Rural employment scheme, Right to education, Right to food program etc. While lots on propaganda continue to be generated about these schemes, the reality on ground are disemal.

(b) Its policy of divide & rule has been the master stroke which it has followed since independence. While it has neglected the majority community, it has tried to appease the minority Thus intentionally creating a rift between communities. Prime minister Manmohan Singh's remark that " minority has first right on the natural resources of India" has been most damaging. similarly its policy of taxing income of temples while exempting others has also been disappointing. Poor people do wonder why Muslims are given subsidy for Huj why no such benefit  given to poor Hindus? There are many more anomalies which devide the society.
BJP's manifesto to have a common Civil Code is a corrective major in respect.

Hopefully if modi becomes PM and BJP get enough majority, India will change for better & country will get more cohesive & united.

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